3D Modeling

Enter a whole new era with 3D computer graphics

Whether you are involved in the business of crafting and selling ideas, or you’ve just developed a revolutionary architectural concept, your potential clients or investors would like you to show it to them. With 3D computer graphics, that conceptualizing and visualizing process has entered a whole new era.

Our 3D modeling team creates a wide range of 3D content including:

  • Engineering object models for engineering businesses;
  • Medical devices models & human organ models including all details and layers for medical & pharmaceutical industries;
  • Animal models for VR/AR games and applications;
  • Accessories models that can be tried on for online shops and e-commerce;   
  • Game equipment models for VR/AR sports experiences;
  • Food models for restaurants and hospitality industries.


Our highly qualified 3D artists use photogrammetry and 3D laser scanning software and hardware as a key component of the 3D modeling process. It allows them to develop high-quality and ready-to-use photorealistic models of different objects.

Be it tasty desserts, exclusive furniture, fancy accessories or even complex engineering objects, photogrammetry can help customers get an immersive view of the product. And when it’s hard to actually imagine what the purchase will look like, technologies help buyers make an informed decision. With 3D modeling actively used by enterprises, consumers will be able to obtain real-life experiences without seeing the object in the real life.

3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning is a promising concept in the world of engineering, architecture, or product visualization. Drafts or sketched prototypes have their uses, yet with today’s 3D technology, there’s an incredible opportunity to build a model and not lag behind leading businesses. With the advancement of technology, there are a large number of 3D laser scanning alternatives that prevent the faulty design of complex objects and provide highly accurate models.

AVRspot team have built a 3D model of a complex engineering object using 3D Laser Scanning and 3D Modeling. Our team has also converted 3D laser scan cloud-points into 3D models, keeping real dimensions, proportions, and hyperrealism of the object. The result was a realistic and detailed visualization of the concept that could be viewed from various angles.


3D Modeling Projects

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