Augmented Reality Assistant for Real Estate

What is ARguide?

Powered by augmented reality, ARguide is a platform that helps both, hosts and guests save time and money by providing them with necessary information about home appliance location within the apartment, how-to-use instructions, hidden items, wi-fi passwords, contacts — anything your guest might need to know when living in your house.

To purchase ARguide, please email at, or fill in the contact form below. 

How it works for property owners


In the space of 20 minutes with ARguide you can create a 3D map of your property once and start sending the map link to each guest with all instructions needed. ARguide scans the space, loads the map and… voilà, you have pointers showing objects location and user manuals. Fast, easy, free.

ARguide may be integrated with Booking, Airbnb, Expedia or any other rental booking service. Just send the link to your guest along with a message.

How it works for guests

With ARguide you can get a real-time guide to any house or apartment. Can’t figure out how to turn the oven on? Don’t know how TV works? Looking for dishes? The ARguide app will save you from messing up the house or annoying the property owner with frequent questions.

No more calling in roaming while traveling. Just load the app and you will have all the apartment information in the right place. Anytime. Free.


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