VR Fully Immersive Baseball Game

Highly realistic visualization of a baseball game

About Project

The challenging and exciting nature of the sport makes it one of the most compelling experiences around. Beyond the alluring experience of ‘being there’, VR sports participation is broadening the narrative around the sporting events that punctuate our lives. Putting our technical insight and creativity to work, we’ve used HTC VIVE tracker and a real baseball bat to create the most immersive baseball simulator ever!  

The game is still under testing. Please contact us to see the demo.



VR Fully Immersive Baseball Game would provide a highly realistic visualization of the baseball stadium, where the user could step into the real-size field and see the crowd cheering around.   The virtual experience of the baseball game would closely resemble the real-life situation.

The batter would wear an HTC Vive headset, hold a bat and stand at “home plate” on the field. Virtual pitcher throws the ball so that the batter could hit it back to the catcher. By hitting a homerun after a homerun the batter would blow off fireworks. To render as realistic experience as possible players would use the real bat. Users could use controllers to hit the ball as well. To win the game, a batter would have to throw the ball further and further until they score a homerun in given time.


AVRspot came up with an idea to implement virtual reality immersive baseball game that will allow players to play it hearing a supportive crowd and feel the game spirit. As soon as batters wear HTC Vive headset and take their bats they materialize in the Target Field stadium, get ready and hit the ball back to a virtual catcher. To count scores and control the game, our team have created a virtual baseball umpire who follows the whole game process.

Players can use both, real and virtual bat, which they can hold using a controller. To bring the real-world bat into the artificial environment, a batter should attach HTC Vive Tracker to it. If users choose the virtual bat, they will feel the vibration while hitting the ball and, therefore, experience the real power of the hit.




As a result, our team managed to deliver a full-blown virtual reality baseball game with an exciting gameplay.

The solution we developed can be used by baseball players as well as newcomers to have fun and develop new skills.

Seamless collaboration between developers facilitated the requirements’ discussion and clarified product scope.

A market-ready product has been delivered in just two months.

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