Augmented and Virtual Reality Solutions for Your Business


Augmented and Virtual Reality Solutions for Your Business

Pushing boundaries between AR/VR and businesses


AVRspot is a creative technology company with an outstanding team of experts who build world-class AR/VR solutions that transform existed markets.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Boost your business potential and open a new dimension of customer engagement with mind-blowing interactive AR solutions. Get full-cycle AR development services and individual solutions with AVRspot.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

From training and educational simulators to immersive experiences – change  the rules in business competition. Explore VR for your business today.

3D Modeling

3D Modeling

Advanced 3D modeling – hyper- and photo-realistic models for your solution. Photogrammetry, 3D laser scan and other techniques to to fuel your growth.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision

We use Computer Vision and Machine Learning to track body motions, facial features, hand tracking and any objects recognition in 3D-space using regular smart device camera.


What We Do

AR/VR Training Simulators

We are helping organizations to reduce costs and educate people in the safe environment. We have successfully delivered practically effective solutions for Healthcare, Construction, Automotive, Sport, Machinery, Energy and other industries.

Medical Training Simulators
Engineering Simulators
Game Simulators

Geolocation and indoor/outdoor mapping

Improve your customer’s journey within shopping malls, industrial sites or university campuses  by using fully-interactive mapping solution. Geolocation and indoor/outdoor mapping facilitate the arrival of newcomers, give your visitors peace of mind and provide more enjoyable strolling experience. Our technological know-how and obsessive passion help to design and deliver outstanding geolocation-based AR/MR projects.

Indoor Mapping
Outdoor Mapping

Computer Vision for AR solutions

Augmented Reality is nothing without interaction and objects detection. With computer vision, your AR solution is able to see things the way humans perceive them and based on the outward aspects of the elements discern multiple objects. We identify motions, body parts, facial features, hand gestures and different objects for top-notch and smart AR solutions creation. AVRspot specializes in tailored AR solutions powered by computer vision and we are glad to tackle your most vigorous project requiring this technology.

Object Recognition
Facial Features Recognition
hand gestures recognition

AR/VR solutions for Real Estate

Now you can build your 360° tour in minutes without any technical skills and by using present-day and advantageous technology. Proven track record of experience in AR/VR solutions development for Real Estate, allows AVRspot to leverage stunning Architectural Visualization & develop high-quality VR and AR experience.

Architectural Visualization
360° Walkthroughs
 Interior/Exterior Design

Unique and hyper-realistic 3D content creation

With a strong hands-on experience in 3D content creation and modeling, our robust team of 3D artists transcends at implementing unique and hyper-realistic models. We provide bespoke solutions in photorealistic 3D objects creation, prototyping, 3D laser scanning, animation, photogrammetry that can be both highly realistic and practically effective for your business purposes.

Surgeon Simulator 3D Components
Hyper-realistic 3D models creation


Being a relatively young company, we have already delivered a huge range of virtual and augmented reality software solutions for a number of customers in Europe and the U.S. Each project was developed with professional standards, high diligence and mutual respect.

  • André Skogberg, Entrepreneur & CEO of Visual Space

    André Skogberg, Entrepreneur & CEO of Visual Space

    "The level of ingenious adjustment, active cooperation, and analytical skills was fascinating. I would highly recommend AVRspot to brands who really want to deliver exclusive digital solutions and content to their clients."

  • Kambiz Doonboli, Founder & CEO of PencilTree

    Kambiz Doonboli, Founder & CEO of PencilTree

    "The most vigorous element of AVRspot is their consumer-oriented approach. The team has been helping us accomplish our project objectives by staying in touch and discussing our requirements."

  • Brendan Mannion, CEO of Polygon CGI

    Brendan Mannion, CEO of Polygon CGI

    The team has been helping us accomplish our project objectives by staying in touch and discussing our requirements. All of the milestones and deliveries have been on time and they always make someone available for last minute adhoc support. Previously our ideal scenario was to hire a dedicated developer here at our studio in London though we have found it much more cost effective to work with AVRspot remotely.

  • Nick Kraakman, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Purple Pill

    Nick Kraakman, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Purple Pill

    "The AVRspot team is highly skilled. They work in a very professional manner, with good communication throughout the process, and they always deliver on time."

Industry recognition

AVRspot is an award-winning creative agency specializing in VR, AR, MR, Computer Vision, and 3D Modeling. Being sure that the world’s future is digital we strive to leverage top-notch solutions and deliver unforgettable immersive experiences.

Our Partners and Certifications

PMI Certified 1
unity Certified

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