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Augmented and Virtual Reality R&D Services 

We create, cater and establish high quality AR/VR solutions

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AVRspot is a creative technology agency with an outstanding team of experts who build world-class AR/VR solutions. We transform the way people purchase homes, decorate spaces, or get a first-rate education by providing them with cutting-edge technologies such as computer vision, object recognition and motion tracking, photogrammetry, as well as 3D laser scanning.

From entertainment to commerce and trade, VR and AR empower consumers to instantly customize products or environments as well as visualize large scale consumer goods and objects in the context of a physical space. AVRspot enables enterprise clients to capture and deploy virtual tours and leverage tools for interior and product customization.

How We Work

We solve sophisticated issues with creative strategy and large-scale engineering. By applying design-driven prototyping approach in combination with proven project management techniques our highly qualified team delivers outstanding digital solutions and content to our clients. Design driven development applies design as component of the whole process to better define requirements in order to build more favorable and efficient technology solutions. 

We cooperate closely with our customers to enhance the highest quality product development using Mixed and Virtual Reality strategies. By using a user centric approach our strategies ignite leading-edge product concepts and solutions that improve productivity, boost performance, and deliver advanced experiences.

Our team of experts provides AR/VR Consulting, Product Design & Implementation, and Usability Testing. Moreover, we have an experience in cross-border collaboration and virtual teams.

We use Agile Methodology which enables our team to promote adaptive planning, evolutionary and flexible development process, quick delivery, and continuous improvement of a product.

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