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About Project

By working on a augmented reality menu solution, Kabaq’s competitor found it challenging to create 3D food models for 3D food menu locally. Moreover, the ingenious and innovative nature of this project required vast expertise in 3D reconstruction and photogrammetry.

So, the client decided to look for a strong partner to support the entire modeling process. They needed an associate who could enthusiastically contribute to the project and create real-looking 3D food models.



The client required accurate, high-quality 3D models created from raw photographs. The pictures needed a high level of precision and accuracy to facilitate the work of the 3D artists.  Virtual food displays would consist of multiple digital renderings and actual photographs combined by a unique method of photogrammetry. Making image reconstruction, sculpting wrong details and restoring missing texture parts was especially challenging, due to the complexity of the objects on the photographs.

As a result, 3D models turned out to be of immense value to 3D food menu owners; it attractively visualizes dishes and allows restaurants to advertise new cuisine in an effective way.


A highly skilled team of AVRspot 3D artists came up with an idea to implement 37 3D food models for AR menu that will allow users to see tasty dishes from all sides and angles. As soon as users examine the plate with a dessert or a salad they can be sure – food they are going to order will look as beautiful as they see it on the menu. All models dimensions are identical to the food they represent, displaying an accurate representation of both appearance and portion.




Skilled employees, state-of-the-art approach, and vast domain expertise helped AVRspot successfully deliver high-quality 3D models for a Dutch startup. 

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