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We can help you pull people deeper into captivating game moments, through the experiential force of augmented reality and computer vision algorithms. A new AR Soccer Game we’ve created enables its users to kick a virtual soccer ball inside their screen, by using the camera of any iOS/Android device. The program detects your foot movements, giving you the power of immersing yourself fully in the game by using your own foot to kick a soccer ball and score goals! Play a game by yourself or challenge your friends. Play it standing up, sitting down or lying down. Our creative studio has worked on various AR gaming experiences for different industries. We understand better than anyone how to transform a VR/AR gaming concept into an engaging, final product.



United Spirit Games, a startup Canadian game visionary, contracted AVRspot in order to develop Kick Alley, an interactive augmented reality soccer game from scratch.

The app would recognize a person’s foot, and its motion, so the user could kick the virtual soccer ball down the alley on the screen and ‘remember’ the player’s foot to keep scores for each session. Users will be able to share their final goal results on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. The customer also wanted to have an opportunity to keep track of the players, session duration and the scores.

United Spirit Games preferred AVRspot to other development studios by reason of the company’s solid AR expertise, flexibility in terms of cooperation and ability to meet deadlines.


AVRspot helped to implement the interactive, augmented reality soccer game to satisfy the customer’s demand for an entertaining, state-of-the-art mobile application. And importantly, the soccer game has been integrated with GameSparks to give its users a possibility to log in to the game and ensure that their game results are stored.

The cooperation with the AVRspot team allowed our partner to obtain the high-quality augmented reality soccer game that they envisioned for years.

AVRspot began the project execution by developing a logical framework, along with the project structure creation that would set the whole application on the motion. The developed, augmented reality application is an interactive game solution, that allows the users to play soccer using their own foot.

Thanks to the function of object recognition, the user’s foot can be detected, allowing the program to identify each player and offer a new game for another user respectively.  By applying Unity 3D cross-platform game engine and Computer Vision algorithms, AVRspot managed to add real-time computer vision and motion tracking functions to the application.




Kick Alley, the developed application, provides players with a greater user experience, allowing them to use their mobile devices in a new and innovative manner. Players can now physically participate in a mobile game by kicking a virtual soccer ball using their own foot. The application increases the engagement of the player, as well as provides a possibility to analyze the game results. This new Augmented Reality Soccer Game with GameSparks integration, allows its owner to keep track of the players, session duration and scores.

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