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You probably already have a great Real Estate Product that fills its market niche and sells itself. However, Travel Portal Platform can tell your clients more about the property and make them fall in love with it! From luxurious properties to fancy streets, Travel Portal Platform provides you with an opportunity to create a 360 tour of any place without any technical background and share it with anyone. With our proficiency, technical ingenuity and creative daring, our team can help you leverage interactive worlds that create deeper customer engagement, transform your digital presence, reach new audiences, and accelerate sales.

Our Travel Portal Platform works on iOS and Android platforms with ARKit/ARCore for AR feature. Please contact us for iOS/Android demo application.



The philosophy behind the technology is to create AR portal, that will be enhancing people’s lives, by helping them choose a property or an apartment without leaving their homes.


Travel Portal Platform allows the user to create a 360 tour of any place without any technical background automatically just by uploading 360 photos of the residence to the app. Thanks to the 360 spheres management algorithm users can set the starting transition point as well as the next transition points to walk through the house by moving from one sector to another and observing the apartment all around. With the application users are able to visit various home interiors, walk through the apartment and find the desired residence.




The team of AVRspot’s experts designed & created applications for Android and iOS platforms that allow users to virtually teleport from any location and observe the desired properties. The ultimate AR portal solution helps customers walk through a property or an apartment in real time.

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