VR/AR Training Simulators

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VR training simulators give their users a possibility to dive into the completely artificial yet genuine circumstances, and it makes them perfect for educating students or employees on the various scenarios they may face while doing their jobs. Virtual Reality training simulators are widely used in medical training/surgery simulation,  architectural walkthroughs, construction industries, combat training, engineering, driver training.

At AVRspot, we’ve worked with prominent medical & pharmaceutical industries to develop a range of VR experiences. There’s a huge growth in the use of VR in the healthcare industry and it continues to fascinate and impress the clients all over the world. By using VR/AR technologies our experts can develop brand-new life-saving training simulators, fully immersive applications with hand gestures tracking and graphical overlays for the doctors and trainees and real-sized hyper-realistic 3D models for medical equipment manufacturers and professional associations.

VR has a huge number of applications for healthcare, from the various clinics to consumers.


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