Engaging and Interactive AR Game

About the Game

ChaseAR is a fun and addicting game that combines real space with an augmented interactive environment. Chasing a mouse has never been so exciting! This game will keep you racing against a mice or running away from a cat, wandering around a garden maze and saving your life. ChaseAR is a fun, colorful adventure game for young kids that you control either with your iPad or iPhone.

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1. New Game

Stand next to your partner and find the same surface (horizontal plane) with your opponent. Afterward, tap inside the square to set the maze and begin a new game.

1.1 Create/Join

After tapping inside the square, a pop-up window will appear on-screen asking you to either create or join the room. To create the room simply choose a “create” option. To join the room, tap onto the “join” button and enter the code written on the tablet of another player into the popping-up placeholder.

1.2 Main gameplay screen

The main gameplay screen displays the maze and animals.

2. Options

The small circle in the top left corner indicates your character.  

3. Beginning the game

You play the game as a cat or a mouse. When the game starts the moving zone (green ellipse) and animated characters appear.  

3.1 Playing game as a cat

The task of the kitten is to chase and catch the mouse. To get the mouse the cat has to come very close to the rodent and attack the animal.  

3.2 Playing game as a mouse

The task of the mouse is to run away from the kitten. To escape from the cat the mouse has to choose the best path and run fast. You have a head start around 15 seconds before cat starts chasing you.  


4. Continuing playing the game

Every time you want to make the cat or the mouse run, put your finger inside the green circle zone and keep it there until an animal reaches the destination.  

5. Finishing the game

5.1 Playing a game as a cat

After you get the rodent, a points table will pop up. The scores are counted based upon the time you spent going after the mouse.

5.2 Playing a game as a mouse

Once you are caught, a points table will pop up. The scores are counted based on the time you spent running away from the opponent.  

6. Rounds

There are two rounds available. On the second round players switch the roles (the one who played as a cat now will play as a mouse and vise versa).

7. Final scores

After finishing the second level, pop up score table will show you who is the winner.


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